My LINE Play Room!!

This is how my room is looking as of now!

I put three screenshots together in photoshop to get this. :D


Here’s a digital doodle portrait I made of my LINE Play avatar, POTATO! She’s a red panda.Art by Synchra!

I can't play Lineplay! It keeps saying I need to free up enough space. I cleared cache's and it's still saying this. Any ideas?

Delete some apps or videos and you should be fine.

do you know how to write a review when using bluestacks?? because i don't and i would like some help UuU

Well, you’d need an itunes account, and access to the iOS app store. Right now no one who’s written a review has received the gems for it. But if you really want to, I suppose you could try doing this on itunes, or perhaps on the website, though it would be even less likely that you would receive gems for this.

I just accidentally deleted my lineplay avatar haha